SEFA is proud to announce partnership with ACHEMA2024

SEFA and DECHEMA have entered into a cooperation agreement by which SEFA will organize a series of lectures and presentations to be made by our SEFA Member Exhibitors during the tradeshow (June 10 - 14th, 2024).  DECHEMA is providing us with a "SEFA Theatre" for this lecture series.  If you are interested in presenting, email [email protected].  Check back with us often as we will be updating this page as the program evolves.

SEFA Members Exhibiting at ACHEMA




asecos, GmbH 4.1 A 78
BICASA, Srl 4.1 K 37
BROEN-LAB A/S 4.1 A 77 
CHC Lab Co., Ltd. 4.1 N 35
DURCON 4.1 F 69
e-Laborator Feeria 4.1 J 17
Fundermax 4.1 G 78
Integrated Cleanroom 3.1 C 14
Keraplan, Srl 4.1 H 64
LABCONCO Corp. 4.1 K 8
LP, Srl 4.1 N 27
Nuova Far, Srl 4.1 A 4
SCAT Europe 4.1 J 78
Simmons Mouldings 4.1 K 23
Spectron Gas Control 4.1 P 35
Waldner 3.0 D 47


SEFA Networking Reception at ACHEMA

Sponsorships Available